If you love brownies as much as I do – or even if you just like them – I hope you enjoy my Brownie Lover’s Diary!

My appreciation for brownies started at an early age. I’ve always loved anything chocolatey and brownies certainly fit that description.

Many years ago, when I was in Grade 2, my class created a booklet of recipes with each student contributing a favourite. The recipe I submitted, or probably that my mom submitted on my behalf was Wendy’s Brownies.

Wendy's Brownies Recip

Neither my mom or I remember why this recipe was picked…..whether it was that I really loved these brownies…..or that I would help her make them. I like to think it was both reasons!

Much has changed since I was a 7 year old brownie lover long ago. (For one, I’ve changed the spelling of my first name!) However, my love of brownies has stayed strong! Grown, actually! I continue to be intrigued by the many different versions of brownies, and I can understand why this dessert is a favourite choice for so many people.

My Brownie Lover’s Diary is a natural extension of my appreciation of this heavenly chocolatey treat. In this blog I record and share….

  • brownie recipes and brownie mixes I bake or taste
  • the best techniques and tips for baking brownies
  • brownie bakeware and accessories I use (or wish I owned!)
  • brownie cookbooks on my shelf (or ones I wish I had in my library!)
  • ideas for packaging brownies for gift-giving
  • and more…..

Please enjoy! And please share your own brownie experiences!

Brownie Lover

You can contact me at wendihiebert@hotmail.com or by leaving a comment below.


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