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Oreo Brownies – definitely on the right “track” to tasteful snacking!

Oreo Brownies and Amtrak magazineJust before boarding the Amtrak train from New York City to Buffalo this past Monday morning (I’d been to visit my sister Loreen on Long Island for the weekend and was heading home), I popped into one of the Zaro’s Bakery locations at Penn Station to pick up a sandwich and snack for the eight hour ride.

Oreo Brownies caught my eye so I shelled out $2.75 for a piece a little larger than I probably needed!

Hours later, as the coutryside rolled by and I relaxed with Maeve Binchy‘s Scarlet Feather* (actually, I think I did more relaxing (napping, that is) than reading), I enjoyed every bite of that brownie washed down with a cup of tea from the train’s snack bar.

Oreo Brownie - one biteNow that I’m home, I’m on the hunt for a good Oreo Brownie recipe.

Zaro’s brownie is topped with a layer of broken Oreo cookies. Over that is drizzled a criss cross pattern of white icing.  Tucked within the brownie is a layer of gooey caramel.

A simplified Oreo Brownie could be made by mixing about a dozen coarsely chopped oreo cookies into your favourite brownie recipe or mix.

If you’re not familiar with Oreo cookies, imagine two chocolate wafers sandwiched together with a white or chocolate icing.

There are lots of variations of this cookie including ones made with vanilla wafers, mint icing, a doubled amount of icing, seasonally-coloured icing, etc…….  There are even Oreo Sippers – straw-like cookies through which you can sip milk. (Many people consider Oreos the perfect cookie partner to milk.)

Then there are are the debates as to how best to eat Oreos. Wafers separated? Icing licked off first? Dipped in milk?

If you’re a real Oreo cookie lover, be sure to read my post about Williams-Sonoma’s sandwich cookie cake pans. With the pans, you can bake an Oreo-cookie shaped cake.

* I haven’t quite finished reading Scarlet Feather yet. Too much napping on the train, I think. The book is a good read about a catering business in Dublin. Do they eat brownies in Ireland, I wonder? Or Oreo cookies, for that matter?


Brownie Cookies – when there’s no time to bake brownies

P C Chocolate Chunk Brownie Cookies
Found this at my local grocery store recently – President’s Choice Chocolate Chunk Brownie Soft-Baked Cookies.

They’re not bad for a commercial cookie. They’ve got a decent chocolate flavour and soft texture with plenty of semi-sweet chocolate chunks. Nice with a glass of milk or a cup of tea.

They’re likely available at all the grocery stores within the Loblaws chain (e.g. Loblaws, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore).

How much? $2.99 for a 325 g package.

Rock Slide Brownie from The Pickle Barrel restaurantbar

On my way home from giving a talk on eggs to Family Studies classes at a high school in Scarborough yesterday, I stopped in again at the Williams-Sonoma store in Yorkdale Mall to see if the chocolate bar brownie pans were in stock yet.

Still no pans, but this time I decided to leave my name so I could be notified when they did come in.

As I hurried out of the mall, focused on getting back on the road to try to beat Toronto’s rush hour traffic, I passed The Pickle Barrel‘s take-out kiosk. My subconscious brownie radar honed in on a plate of decadent brownies in the display case of take-out foods, and I automatically veered over to take a quick peek. The Rock Slide Brownies – aptly named for the rocky topping of brownie chunks, pecans and caramel – looked way too good to pass up, so I shelled out $2.49 plus tax for a piece.

RockSlide Brownie from the Pickle Barrel Restaurant

Rock Slide Brownie from the Pickle Barrel Restaurant

I headed back to my car, with my brownie treasure in a plastic see-through take-out container, and a napkin and fork. I was hungry, having only lunched on a little wedge of Pizza Omelette that I’d had a couple students make for their classmates during my earlier presentations. I knew I’d have trouble getting that brownie home so Murray could share it with me, but I wanted at least some of it to make it so I could take a picture.

As I sat in my car contemplating the situation, knowing I needed to get back on the road soon or I’d be in for at least a 2 hour-drive home, I suddenly remembered I HAD MY CAMERA WITH ME!!! I’d brought it along to a work event on the weekend, and hadn’t taken it out of my purse yet although I’d meant to numerous times during the week. While it wasn’t a heavy camera, it did add a little weight to my purse, and heaven knows, my purse had enough junk in it already.

That settled things! I knew I was meant to eat the brownie right there and then. I could snap a quick picture, and nibble on it while I drove home. Murray probably didn’t want any of it any way.

The brownie was eaten before I exited the parking lot. To be fair, the parking lot at Yorkdale Mall is huge. I reasoned it was safer to eat the brownie while driving through the parking lot than while going 120 km down Hwy 410. (I know. Neither is a very good idea.)

As for the Rock Slide Brownie, it was good, but it looked better than it tasted. There was a molasses flavour to it which was a little unexpected. And with the caramel in the topping, I thought it would be sweeter than it was. Murray really didn’t miss too much…..

Rating (out of 5): 3.25

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