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Brownie baking tips from Duncan Hines

More good stuff from Duncan Hines!

On the company’s website you’ll find brownie baking tips such as these:

* Spread brownie batter evenly for uniform baking, thickness and texture.

* To prevent crumbling, cool brownies completely before you cut them into squares, unless the recipe states otherwise.

You’re invited to add helpful tips you’ve discovered about baking brownies.


Duncan Hines knows brownies!

Zowie! Duncan Hines, the cake and brownie mix company, knows a thing or two about brownies.

Their online library of brownie recipes contains about 50 different brownie recipes that use their brownie and cake mixes. One visit and you’ll soon be in the kitchen making treats such as……

Grab this baking pan!

Baking pan 1I recently bought this 13 x 9 x 2-inch (3.5 L) baking pan made by Wilton. Although I hardly needed another oblong pan, this one has quickly become my favourite for baking brownies or other desserts.

The reason is rather obvious!

Once the brownies are baked, the hot pan is easy to pull out of the oven because the oversized handles give you something to grab on to. No more thick oven mitt thumbs fumbling to grasp hold of the pan without it slipping and sliding, and (heaven forbid!) dropping! And no more oven mitt thumb prints accidentally left in a beautifully baked pan of brownies.

Baking pan - edge

You’ll find the pan where Wilton baking products and equipment are sold.

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